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The Day I Stopped Doubting Myself


I'm Demetria Brown, the Owner/Creative Director for The Blueprint Events Co. I am also one of three radio hosts for #BuildABossRadio with Scene Chicago powered by Urban Broadcast Media. In my life I have accomplished so much but for years I doubted myself and my capabilities. Always unsure if I was making the best decisions or if I was moving forward on the right path, I did not know what to do at times. I felt myself just being and not really living for me!

Earlier this year, I married the love of my life Anthony. Although I was so happy in my personal life, my professional life felt as if it was in shambles. I showed up to my 9-5 everyday, took care of my clients and was very successful in my works efforts but I was unhappy deep down. I have been in management for over 15 years and I realized I loved putting together events for work as well as for my family/friends. I love event planning and always knew I wanted to do that long term but never put in the work to make it a reality. I felt like I was just going with the motions in my daily life. I had applied to over 150 jobs because I felt overwhelmed at work and I became so frustrated with the fact that I had not been called for an interview that I was just about give up. I could not understand why I was not getting any callbacks with all of the experience I had. With a fist full of tears I cried to my husband explaining that I felt stuck and couldn't understand why things weren't moving for me in the way I pictured for myself. Anthony quickly let me know that things probably weren't working for me because I needed to follow my dreams instead of continuing to work for others and making their dreams come true.

That moment changed my life forever. I felt alive again! My husband helped to light a fire in me that needed to surface. It was that day that I decided I would not let my dreams be on hold any longer and that I needed to put in the work to make my event planning business an actual entity. That weekend after this life-changing discussion, I launched my business. At that time, I didn't have it all together, but I knew I had to give birth to the idea that had been in my head for over a year. I knew it was time to follow my dreams. When my husband spoke to me, it was as if it all clicked!

Along the way, I have had people doubt me and my abilities as an event planner and business owner. There was once a time in my life where I would have let those doubts seep into my life and spirit. I would have hid at the thoughts that maybe I would fail. Now I feel unstoppable. I have been able to accomplish so much in such a short time and it has been nothing but a blessing. When I decided to go for it and stop doubting myself, my life changed tremendously. I now have a thriving event planning business and I host #BuildABossRadio with two of my favorite ladies Minovet Krissy (founder of The #BuildABossMovement) and Rochelle Wise (founder of RWISE Empowerment Group)! We help other small businesses and business owners become BOSSES just like us!

With my skills and experience, I am more confident than ever that I can tackle anything that comes my way!

Doubt doesn't live here anymore and I couldn't be more thrilled!

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