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Never Give Up!

In my first blog I wrote about when I stopped doubting myself. It took so much growth and understanding to get to the point that I started believing in myself and all of my capabilities. What happens when you are living out your dream and the going gets tough?

Often times, when things get hard the first thought is to give up and walk away. It is the easiest solution when you feel you can't get ahead and you feel out of options. I know personally, I have wanted to hide away from problems when they came up whether if it came to my business or personal life. I noticed that when I continued to push forward despite what was going on that was trying to hinder me, I ended up succeeding in ways unimaginable. I was able to conquer so much when I decided that I would not give up regardless of the circumstance. Lets be honest, we all experience hardship on the road to accomplish our goals from financial, emotional and mental but the idea is that you have to be stronger than the negative emotions and things that attempt to plague your life. You have to know that your purpose and dreams are far more important than the things put in your way to try to stop you!

With my event planning business, I had so many doubt me and my abilities. They asked me 100 questions in an attempt to deter me from following my dreams. I never gave up and now my business is flourishing and picking up momentum. I can't be more thrilled about it and it still blows my mind! Moving forward when all the bets were against me was the best thing I could have done for myself.

Just remember, when things are going rough, you are on the brink of your breakthrough! When your dreams and ideas are so large that it intimidates you, that means you're on to something. Fear and stress can't be the reason you don't succeed. Don't give up because there is so much more waiting for you on the other sideof whatever is trying to hold you back! No matter the circumstance, make sure you do everything you can do keep moving forward! You got this!

-Demetria Brown

Founder/Creative Director for The Blueprint Events Co. LLC

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